Medium Length Haircuts

medium length haircut pics

Every year there’s always a haircut that stands out as one of the most popular styles of the summer. I have to tell you that this summer is the medium length haircut! I just cannot get enough of this style! So, today I am going to talk about the different options of the medium length haircuts.

In a sea of beachy curls, i’ve decided to start with a sleek one-length haircut. This style is images-1flattering on most face shapes but it’s especially perfect for those with a round face shape. As you can see on Reese Witherspoon it’s sleek and sophisticated and can be achieved with a quick flat-iron.

Alexa-Chung-Hair-Trend-Fall-2012Alexa Chung’s slightly layered and shaggy haircut is one of my favorites! The movement comes from the texture of the cut and the bangs keep this look modern while also blending into the rest of the haircut. To achieve this look all you really need to do is blow-out the bangs and let the rest dry naturally. Finish off the look with a little sea salt or surf spray.

Sticking with the classic beachy look, you will want to go with a long layered cut. This look is so Unknownsimple and perfect for the summer heat. All you need to do is add a little mousse and either allow it to air dry or do a quick rough dry. You can add a wave with a curling iron at the end to finish off the look. If you enjoy wearing your hair up be ready to have a lot of loose pieces falling around the face because of the layering.

carey-mulligan-5For fine haired clients you want to keep the foundation mostly one length with a bit of a long layer and some internal structuring. Carey Mulligan pulls this look off beautifully. A bit of a curl and you have a look that is shiny and appears thick.

Don’t be afraid to cut off some length this season. Even though we are at the end of summer this look isn’t going anywhere!!! Have a wonderful week and feel free to contact me with any questions!!


Hairstyles At Any Age!

hairstyles for women over the age of 50Todays post is about honoring women of all ages!!  It’s no longer the rule to choose a certain hairstyle because of your age.  What holds true with my clients is when choosing your haircut or color, base your decision on what is best for your hair texture and skin tone.  So many of my clients are choosing to grow out there natural gray hair and are nervous because they worry it’s going to make them look older or unrefined.  I am here to tell you that this is just not true!!  These days there are no rules when choosing a hairstyle for women over the ages of 40, 50, 60 and beyond.  It is proven time and time again that as long as it’s flattering on you, that’s all that matters.  Below I have listed a few tips on what to think about when choosing your perfect haircut or color.


The condition of your hair is vital to how it looks regardless of its length or color.  If your hair is healthy and shiny that is what will stand out.  Having a strong regiment is important to keeping your hair healthy.  Back in July I wrote a post called “HOW TO GET AND KEEP HEALTHY HAIR”.  I talk about four simple step you can take on how to get the healthy hair you’ve always wanted.  The first step is to always condition your hair after you shampoo it.  Next, is to apply a leave-in conditioner once you are out of the shower and have gently towel dried your hair.  I recommend using a hair mask or treatment at least once a month or as much as once a week (consult your stylist).  And finally one of the most important steps is to reduce stress, get enough sleep and to eat healthy.  If you are not getting the nutrition you need then it won’t matter what is done with your hair.  It just won’t be at its best.


Your age should not be the deciding factor of a haircut, the deciding factor should be your hair type.  If you have fine hair that tends to fall flat then maybe its best to keep your hair chin or shoulder length.  The same holds true to those of you who have thick hair.  Keeping it longer with a strong shape can help make room for the hair so that it doesn’t take over your face.


The best way to find a haircut or color that works for you is to be honest with your stylist on how much time you are willing to spend on your hair.  If you look at most celebrity photos you can assume that they had someone style their hair for them or took at least 15 to 30 minutes doing it themselves.  If you choose a hairstyle that takes 20 minutes to style but you are only willing to spend 5 minutes on it, then it may not be the right look for you.  Same goes for hair color.  If your stylist explains that the color you want needs to be refreshed every 6 weeks but you only go every 3 months then it is best to choose a color based on what you are able to commit to.  Schedule a consolation with your stylist to go over what your desired look is and then discuss what the maintenance and up keep will be for that look.

Remember ladies that it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside its whats inside that is truly beautiful!!!  Your hair is just an added bonus to your inner beauty.  Contact me or comment below if you have any questions or wish to share your favorite hairstyle.  Have a wonderful week!!!


With summer finally upon us its time to dig into some hot new hairstyles.  This season the looks have a bit more of an edge but are still totally easy to pull off.


short tousled bobsShort Tousled Bob:

Its time for the pixie to take a step back as we move (or grow) into a hot choppy chin length style that will show off your sexy neckline!!

To style this look apply a bit of mousse or your favorite styling product and rough dry the hair until dry.  Finally take a 1/2 inch curling iron and loosely wrap 1 inch sections around until you achieve your desired wave.



bob with bangsBob With Bangs:

The shoulder length bob is one of my favorite looks.  This summer accessorize this look with a side-swept fringe or straight-across bang.  What once use to be a boring look is now one of the freshest looks to have.

To get a beachy look, take a 1/2 in curling iron and curl two-inch sections just in the middle portion of the hair in a spiral movement from top to bottom.  Make sure to leave the ends a bit straight.  Once you are finished spray some hairspray and then shake the curls out.


asymmetrical lobAsymmetrical Lob (long bob):

Shoulder length styles don’t have to be boring.  Just add some edge to this look with razor sharp, angled ends.

When it comes to sharp angles you have to be careful when styling.  If you like to let your hair air dry I recommend adding a bit of serum once the hair is dry to keep it looking fresh.  My favorite way to style this look is sleek and straight.  Start by adding a little leave in conditioner to wet hair.  Blow-dry the hair straight with a flat paddle brush and then add a bit of serum to the ends.  Finish this look off with your flatiron making sure to get a sleek a shiny finish.



shoulder length hairShoulder-Grazing Layers:

Taking from our favorite long layered beachy wave, this look is what is super HOT HOT HOT this summer.  This version is shortened to a sexy collar-bone length that is a little more sophisticated.

To style this look start off by adding mousse to your wet hair.  Flip your head over and rough dry until hair is fully dry.  Take a 1/2 inch curling iron and start in the front wrapping 1 inch sections away from the face.  Once you get to the back of the head then start in the front on the other side making sure to again wrap the sections away from the face.  Once you are done shake the curls out and finish with a bit of hairspray.



long blunt cutLong Blunt Cut:

Taking a step away from layers, this summer look out for the blunt, straight-across ends on long beautiful hair.

To really make this look shine start with a heat protecting leave in conditioner.  Blow-dry the hair straight with a flat paddle brush and then go through with a flatiron,  Make sure to finish with a bit of serum at the end and watch as people can’t take there eyes off your hair.


I hope you guys find these tips useful.  If you enjoyed this post make sure and share with your friends and never hesitate to ask any questions.

Have a great week!!!!!


Four Of The Hottest Bob Trends For 2014

4 hottest bobs of 2014

In 2013 we saw a surge in bob hairstyles starting with Karlie Kloss cutting her gorgeous locks. It seems that my clients are loving it and ready to chop it all off. For this weeks post I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the hottest bob hair trends for this year.

RAZORED EDGE:                                                                                                        This is a very romantic and soft look. By razoring the edges you lighten up the structure which makes way for a lot of movement in the hair. This is the most versatile look for thick or thin hair. The key to this look is to create an extreme side part and to keep the pieces around the face long with minimal layering. We want there to be a SLIGHT asymmetry from the back to the front.

 CHIN-SKIMMING CROP:                                                                                             This next bob caused quite a stir when Karlie Kloss showed up at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show with her long hair cropped short. The extreme side part coupled with the soft movement of the hair lends this to be one of the most low maintenance bobs out there. This cut should sit just below the chin with soft long layering. I recommend this look for those who already have a bit of curl to their hair or are willing to add a soft bend to the ends. Regardless, this is a stronger structure so even if your hair is straight it will look beautiful.

ASYMMETRICAL BOB:                                                                                                  Please keep in mind that the asymmetrical bob should not be to extreme this year. Marion Cotillard’s cut has a great shape with it being slightly asymmetrical from back to front. This look is great for those who really commit to their part and like to keep their hair a bit more sleek and structured. Keep in mind that this cut is a bit of a commitment so be sure before you give your stylist the go ahead. If you have very frizzy hair this is not the look I would recommend unless you are willing to take a flat iron to your hair daily.

LONG AND LIVED-IN:                                                                                                      Emily Blunt is rocking a long bob or lob. This piecey cut looks great on almost any face shape. The thing to keep in mind is the layer placement. Wherever you accent the layers is were the eye will be drawn to so make sure and know what features you are looking to accent. My favorite way to style this look is to do a bit of a rough dry which will create some volume on top as well as bring out any natural movement in your hair.

Which style is your favorite?  Feel free to post any comments or questions.  Have a great week!!