With summer finally upon us its time to dig into some hot new hairstyles.  This season the looks have a bit more of an edge but are still totally easy to pull off.


short tousled bobsShort Tousled Bob:

Its time for the pixie to take a step back as we move (or grow) into a hot choppy chin length style that will show off your sexy neckline!!

To style this look apply a bit of mousse or your favorite styling product and rough dry the hair until dry.  Finally take a 1/2 inch curling iron and loosely wrap 1 inch sections around until you achieve your desired wave.



bob with bangsBob With Bangs:

The shoulder length bob is one of my favorite looks.  This summer accessorize this look with a side-swept fringe or straight-across bang.  What once use to be a boring look is now one of the freshest looks to have.

To get a beachy look, take a 1/2 in curling iron and curl two-inch sections just in the middle portion of the hair in a spiral movement from top to bottom.  Make sure to leave the ends a bit straight.  Once you are finished spray some hairspray and then shake the curls out.


asymmetrical lobAsymmetrical Lob (long bob):

Shoulder length styles don’t have to be boring.  Just add some edge to this look with razor sharp, angled ends.

When it comes to sharp angles you have to be careful when styling.  If you like to let your hair air dry I recommend adding a bit of serum once the hair is dry to keep it looking fresh.  My favorite way to style this look is sleek and straight.  Start by adding a little leave in conditioner to wet hair.  Blow-dry the hair straight with a flat paddle brush and then add a bit of serum to the ends.  Finish this look off with your flatiron making sure to get a sleek a shiny finish.



shoulder length hairShoulder-Grazing Layers:

Taking from our favorite long layered beachy wave, this look is what is super HOT HOT HOT this summer.  This version is shortened to a sexy collar-bone length that is a little more sophisticated.

To style this look start off by adding mousse to your wet hair.  Flip your head over and rough dry until hair is fully dry.  Take a 1/2 inch curling iron and start in the front wrapping 1 inch sections away from the face.  Once you get to the back of the head then start in the front on the other side making sure to again wrap the sections away from the face.  Once you are done shake the curls out and finish with a bit of hairspray.



long blunt cutLong Blunt Cut:

Taking a step away from layers, this summer look out for the blunt, straight-across ends on long beautiful hair.

To really make this look shine start with a heat protecting leave in conditioner.  Blow-dry the hair straight with a flat paddle brush and then go through with a flatiron,  Make sure to finish with a bit of serum at the end and watch as people can’t take there eyes off your hair.


I hope you guys find these tips useful.  If you enjoyed this post make sure and share with your friends and never hesitate to ask any questions.

Have a great week!!!!!