How Water Affects Blonde Hair


From the moment we wake up we’re battling the elements. When we’re exposed to environmental and seasonal stress on a daily basis, our natural protection process breaks down leaving the hair dull and brittle.

So, what can you do to keep your hair healthy and shiny? Here are some simple solutions to help your hair stay healthy, whatever Mother Nature brings your way.

Culprit: Water
About 85 percent of American homes use hard water which leaves traces of chlorine and copper and can make beautiful blonde hair very dry and lifeless.

Issue: Blonde hair that turns green or straw-like.
Hard water typically contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium. These minerals sit on hair and strip its natural oils, making it feel rough and frizzy. Whether it’s from a dip in the pool or repeat washes, chlorine acts similarly. Chlorine is hydroscopic, it absorbs moisture. If it dries on hair, it literally draws out moisture, causing hair to become brittle and dull.

Since bleached strands are more porous and have little color, the effects of harsh chemicals and oxidizing are more noticeable than on darker shades. Contrary to the common belief, it isn’t actually the chlorine that turns blonde hair green. Oxidized metals in the chlorinated water bind to the protein in the hair shaft and deposit their color. The metal that produces the green tint is copper (which turns green when it oxidizes, much like the copper on a roof).

Remedy:  A filtration system can remove harmful heavy metals and chemicals. (Much like a Brita you use for drinking water.) If the damage is already done, it’s not to late to reveal softer, shinier strands—and a brighter blonde.
Here’s a natural treatment that you can do from home:
Mix equal parts white vinegar with shampoo in a small bottle; lather into hair, rinse, then shampoo and condition. The vinegar is acidic and able to break down layers of mineral deposits coating the hair.  Try this every other week to combat the environment from wreaking havoc on your hair.

Don’t feel like doing your own DIY treatment? Contact your salon to learn about all the different types of treatments and which is best for you!

If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or message me directly!  Have a great week!!


How Salon Lighting Can Effect Blonde Hair Color

labeled indoornatural lighting
I often talk with my clients about lighting when doing a color consultation, especially when it comes to my blonde patrons.
Natural/outside lighting gives off a clear display to the blonde tones in the hair, as opposed to the lighting in the salon were you get your service done.  Lighting in the salon can either come from incandescent bulbs which give off a yellowish tone or from fluorescent bulbs which bring out more cool/ash tones.
In the photo above you can see that the photo on the left was taken inside the salon where we use incandescent bulbs which creates a warm glow over the hair and softens dimension.  Once we stepped outside into natural lighting you are able to see the true shade of blonde in the hair.  In this case the Vanilla Blonde really stands out!
If you ever have any questions about the end result of your hair color its important to express that to your stylist, be open to the variations of lighting and know the best way to judge your color is under natural light.
Feel free to comment below with any questions!!  Have a wonderful week!!

What is the difference between a Gloss, Glaze and Toner?

glossglazetoner photosIn todays beauty industry these words are used interchangeably.  These techniques have improved greatly.  Not long ago they were limited to a gloss only adding shine, and a glaze adding shine and depositing color. Now a stylist can use any of these terms to describe just about anything having to do with shine or color.  Here are a few tips on how to discern what your colorist has in mind for you.

A color gloss is a non-permanent color that is used for many different reasons.  Most commonly, a gloss is used to make your existing color more dramatic or to create subtle change.  Regardless, if you are a brunette, red head or blonde your hair will naturally fade from the sun and frequent shampooing.  A gloss has the ability to refresh your color while also conditioning it.  Glossing your hair is also a great option for those of you who want to get your feet wet with hair color.  A gloss will only last 5 to 6 weeks so you can have fun shifting your color to caramel brown, honey, rose gold or strawberry blonde without the commitment of permanent color.

A gloss is not able to lighten your hair or cover gray hair.  For that, you will need to discuss other options with your stylist.

A glaze (also known as a toner) is a non-peroxide hair color with a sheer shade option that helps achieve that perfect blonde tone and seal in an extra four to six weeks of shine.  A glaze/toner can also be used to correct hair color.  For example, your color can become dull or a bit brassy from the sun, environment or shampooing. A glaze is conditioning and non-damaging, so you are able to pop into your salon in-between highlights for a quick refresher for your highlights.

Be aware that there are some stylists that tend to use the glaze or toner as a fix after overly processing hair. I have had many conversations with clients who inform me that they don’t want a toner because their only experience has been a bad one.  I am here to squash this way of thinking.  A glaze or toner when used properly has the ability to take your hair to that celebrity status with shine and brilliance.  If you’re worried about what a glaze will do to your hair, don’t be afraid to ask your colorist any questions pertaining to this topic.  The most important key is that you should trust your stylist!!  Spend the time finding the right stylist who will give you peace of mind, so you are able to have a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Have a great week and make sure to leave a comment if you have any questions!!!

Which Shade Of Blonde Is Right For You?

The great news is that no matter what your skin tone happens to be there is a shade of blonde that is right for you!!  Below are some of my favorites in golden, honey and platinum blondes.  Make sure and talk to your stylist about which would suit you best.  If you have any questions feel free to comment or message me directly:)

different shades of blonde collage


fair-skin-platinum-blonde-hair-gwen-stefaniPLATINUM BLONDE:

If you want to go platinum blonde be prepared for the commitment.  I would recommend touch-ups every 4 to 6 weeks.  This look works best if you have fair skin just make sure to add a red lip or brighten up your eye make-up to ensure that your facial features don’t get lost.






vanillabuttery blonde celebrity

Blondes with brown or hazel eyes can be stunning by adding rich and warm tones keeping the look soft and subtle.  The key is to build dimension from the roots, for example starting with a “base bump” to warm up the roots, then going in with a combo of a pale highlight and a very stubble lowlight will create a beautiful combination.


multi-dimensional blonde celebrityMULTI-DIMENSIONAL BLONDE:

Adding different tones of blonde in your hair is a great way to bring out the best in all your features.  This look works great for all skin tones just make sure you go to someone who knows how to create blended highlights that aren’t to chunky.  You want your multi tones to all be with in two to three shades of each other. My favorite combination is a triple color combo of butter, gold and honey.  Keeping the highlights natural and not bleached out or over processed is the key.



BLUSH BLONDE:blushrose blonde celebrity

This beautiful shade which can also be called strawberry blonde or even rose blonde consists of a combination of light blonde pigments coupled with warmer undertones.  The trick here is choosing the right level of warmth.  Lighter complexions look great with a light golden or apricot hue were as warmer complexions look best with a slightly darker shade of gold or copper.  Pop in to your stylist in between highlighting appointments for a strawberry toner to keep the color from turning brassy.



coowarm sandy blonde celebritySANDY BLONDE (Cool and Warm):

The balance of golden and cool highlights is the perfect way to add depth without losing the bright blonde.  This is the most forgiving color with any skin tone because you can warm things up and cool things down as needed.  Consider golden highlights in the winter, when the skin tends to be paler, add cool highlights to contrast with your warmer skin tone in the summer.  Ask your colorist for a dark ash blonde base with subtle highlights through the ends and around the top.  This is definitely on the darker side of the blonde spectrum.


I hope you enjoy the post!!  I would love to know which shade of blonde is your favorite!  Have a great week!!!