Blonde, Blonde and more Blonde!

For the month of April I am going to talk about all things blonde.  I will focus on such topics as what are the different shades of blonde and what Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 3.42.29 PMworks best with your skin tone.  What are the pros of glossing/toning and the differences between the two and how to take care of that beautiful blonde color in your hair.

Today we are going to start off with how to prep yourself and your hair for blonde.  Going blonde can be pretty high-maintenance.  Toners/glosses, touch-ups, and deep conditioning treatments are all a must if you plan on going lighter.  Here are some tips when considering how to get (and keep) the blonde hair color you want.



One of the best questions you can ask yourself is how much money you are willing to spend on your hair.  Depending on your natural color and how blonde you want to go the upkeep can range between 6 to 12 weeks.



When going blonde you can’t get around the fact that it requires some level of bleaching.  You will notice a texture change in your that may require a color protect shampoo and conditioner.  If you are going platinum blonde it might be in your best interest to invest in a purple or toning shampoo.  This shampoo should not replace a regular shampoo and conditioner but should only be used once a week to once a month.  I would recommend talking to your stylist to find out the best product regimen for you.



If you don’t already have an amazing colorist, one of the best ways to find a good one is to lookout for someone whose color you admire and ask them, “Who does your hair?”.  If that just isn’t your thing I would research colorist’s who specialize in blondes and set up a free consultation to discuss the level of blonde you are hoping for and if that will require highlights, lowlights, double process (all over blonde) or balayage.  You can also find out how long the service will take.  If your colorist pulls out a crochet hook and plastic cap, RUN!!!!



Your hair color is the frame for your face.  Going blonde will most likely require a makeup change.  Consult with a makeup artist, at MAC or Sephora, for help with any makeup changes.



Besides bangs hair color is the “go to” when you want to make a dramatic change to your appearance.  Like bangs it can either be a huge mistake or the best decision you make.  I recommend researching photos and stylist before taking this leap but once you are ready go for it!!I

Next week I will discuss the different types of blonde shades and what looks best with your skin tone.  If you have any questions please feel free to post a comment or contact me directly.  Have a great week!!!




Even if you’re not a morning person, managing your routine can be much easier with a few simple tips!

1.Dry Shampoo:
It is not necessary to wash your hair everyday, in fact doing so may damage and dry out your hair.  A dry shampoo protects your hair and will save time in the morning.  Apply dry shampoo to your scalp (after your shower) to the first inch or two of hair. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes to absorb any oils and then brush it out. If you want to keep a bit of natural wave in your hair, flip your hair over and rough dry.

2.  Flyaways:
Everyone gets ”flyaways” and they can be very frustrating.  Simply using a toothbrush and spraying it with hairspray can tame any flyaways without overloading your hair with product.  Just spray your toothbrush with 2 to 3 pumps and then lightly brush over flyaways and repeat until those pesky strays are gone.

3.  10 Minute Product Rule:
To get the most out of your product, it’s best to apply and let sit for 10 minutes before moving on to your next step.  I always suggest applying and then moving on to your makeup or short task and then finish up with your hair. Trust me, it’s worth the wait!

4.  Natural Wave:
To get that natural wave look, I suggest doing a loose braid or a loose bun before going to bed.  In the morning you can take down the braid or bun and apply a bit of dry shampoo, flip your head over and do a light rough dry by using your fingers to tousle your hair.  You will be left with a bit of volume because of the dry shampoo and a nice wave.  I recommend braids for thick hair and a bun for fine hair, so you don’t end up with a crimped look.

5.  Blast of cold water:
A blast of cold water on your hair at the end of a shower may be unpleasant, but it will close down the outer layer of your hair strand and make your hair look shiny and smooth. It also naturally protects itself from harmful heat and environment.

6. Bobbi Pins:
Finally, for those of you who don’t like to pin your hair back with bobby pins because you are afraid they are going to slip, the secret to this is to spray your bobby pins with a bit of dry shampoo.  This will give them a grip so you can quickly and easily pin back a few pieces for a pretty style that is locked into place.

Have a great week!!

Four Of The Hottest Bob Trends For 2014

4 hottest bobs of 2014

In 2013 we saw a surge in bob hairstyles starting with Karlie Kloss cutting her gorgeous locks. It seems that my clients are loving it and ready to chop it all off. For this weeks post I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the hottest bob hair trends for this year.

RAZORED EDGE:                                                                                                        This is a very romantic and soft look. By razoring the edges you lighten up the structure which makes way for a lot of movement in the hair. This is the most versatile look for thick or thin hair. The key to this look is to create an extreme side part and to keep the pieces around the face long with minimal layering. We want there to be a SLIGHT asymmetry from the back to the front.

 CHIN-SKIMMING CROP:                                                                                             This next bob caused quite a stir when Karlie Kloss showed up at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show with her long hair cropped short. The extreme side part coupled with the soft movement of the hair lends this to be one of the most low maintenance bobs out there. This cut should sit just below the chin with soft long layering. I recommend this look for those who already have a bit of curl to their hair or are willing to add a soft bend to the ends. Regardless, this is a stronger structure so even if your hair is straight it will look beautiful.

ASYMMETRICAL BOB:                                                                                                  Please keep in mind that the asymmetrical bob should not be to extreme this year. Marion Cotillard’s cut has a great shape with it being slightly asymmetrical from back to front. This look is great for those who really commit to their part and like to keep their hair a bit more sleek and structured. Keep in mind that this cut is a bit of a commitment so be sure before you give your stylist the go ahead. If you have very frizzy hair this is not the look I would recommend unless you are willing to take a flat iron to your hair daily.

LONG AND LIVED-IN:                                                                                                      Emily Blunt is rocking a long bob or lob. This piecey cut looks great on almost any face shape. The thing to keep in mind is the layer placement. Wherever you accent the layers is were the eye will be drawn to so make sure and know what features you are looking to accent. My favorite way to style this look is to do a bit of a rough dry which will create some volume on top as well as bring out any natural movement in your hair.

Which style is your favorite?  Feel free to post any comments or questions.  Have a great week!!

Taming Staticky Hair


We’ve made it through the worst of winter but the air around us is still very dry leaving hair prone to static.  Those of us with finer hair seem to be hit the hardest.  Below are a few suggestions on how to tame staticky hair on the go, at work or just relaxing at home.

Dryer Sheets:  Many woman have had success using dryer sheets.  We all know that they tame static with our clothes and being that hair is also a fabric it works just the same.  Gently rub a dryer sheet over the hair strands that are staticky and watch as the static goes away.  If you find that this creates an oily scalp or limp hair I recommend picking up a section of hair and gently focusing the dryer sheet from the mid-length to the ends of that section.  If it is just the bangs that seem to be flying away then brush the bangs forward and gently fold over a dryer sheet onto the ends of the bangs.  By keeping the dryer sheet away from the scalp you will prevent the root from looking oily.  Another option is to rub the dryer sheet over your brush or comb and then run that through the mid-length and ends of the hair.  You can also rub a dryer sheet on your pillow before going to sleep.  If you still find that your hair gets oily go ahead and apply some dry shampoo to the scalp before using the dryer sheet.  This will help keep the oil at bay.

Light Moisturizers or Serums:  I know that most fine-haired clients cringe at the thought of applying a oil or serum to their hair but it’s a great way to beat static.  My suggestion is to apply a tiny amount of moisturizer or serum to your hands rubbing them together until you are left with a fine sheen, then lightly run your hands through the ends of the hair.  By not touching the scalp you reduce the risk of oily hair while still nourishing your ends.

Water:  If you find that you only have access to water then that is the way to go.  I suggest using a comb for this and not a brush because you don’t want to make the hair to wet.  Run water over your comb then shake of access water.  Run comb over the staticky parts of the hair trying to just dampen the hair and not fully saturate it.

Hairspray:  This is a last resort option.  Hairspray is mostly alcohol which in the end may dry the hair out even more however in a pinch its a great option.  Just spray your comb or brush with a bit of hairspray and then gently run through your hair.

Pin-It:  Last but not least always keep a few bobby pins on hand. Nobody wants their hair sticking to their faces so you may find that you need to cut your losses and pin your hair back.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful.  If one of these options does/doesn’t work or you have more questions please feel free to comment or you can contact me directly.  Have a great week!!